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Dr. Beauty Hazarika

Biswanath College of Education was established in 1992 by a host of farsighted and enthusiastic people of Biswanath Chariali who felt the urgent need of a B.Ed. college in the locality as the only government college in the district could not cater to the needs of all the aspirants of B.Ed. degree. It is for their tireless effort and undaunted spirit that the college came into being and has been able to overcome all the hurdles and challenges hurled on its way. Presently it is the sole institute of teacher training in the newly formed Biswanath district offering B.Ed and D.El.Ed. courses and it occupies a premier position among the teacher training institutes of the state. The college obtained recognition from the N.C.T.E. in 1997 and the govt. of Assam offered it Concurrence in 2014. The authority of the college put relentless effort to fulfill all the norms set by the N.C.T.E and ensure infrastructural attainment and make it a full-fledged teacher training institution and a centre of excellence . Last year the N.C.T.E. offered permission to introduce the D.El.Ed. course.Inspite of being a non-provincialised college without access to any government fund this college has been performing tremendously on the academic front since its establishment and fullfilling the need of the aspirants of the B.Ed. degree.We are proud of the academic accomplishments of our students.I also feel proud to acknowledge the contributions of highly qualified ,dynamic and multi-talented,versatile faculty and non-teaching staff. Our teachers work hard throughout the year and carry out innovative teaching practices to impart quality education.We believe their motivational lectures and extensive and vibrant co-curricular programmes have contributed a lot in igniting the imagination,raising the dormant creative talent of the future teachers of the country.We are never complacent with the success achieved by the college and sincere efforts will be always on to further the current progress of the institute and ensure the best quality of education.It is our conviction that this institute will continue to thrive and prosper with support from all those associated with it.

I welcome all of you to this temple of higher learning.